Gloranthian Knights

Rumblings in the well

Who is stealing things from the village of Greenbrass?

As the adventurers completed their training and recuperation from the journey to the money tree, a new threat appeared in the town of Greenbrass.

Random equipment, valuables, and other baubles of sentimental, mechanical, worth started going missing. The town was ablaze with pointed fingers and accusations of who was stealing all of the townsfolk’s possessions.

After a bit of investigation, the adventurers noticed some strange drag marks near the well. Upon further investigation they discovered a hole inside the side of the well that lead to a small series of muddy caves.

After exploring the muddy caves for several hours, the adventurers encountered the thief. A medium sized giant lizard. The speed and ferocity of its attacks had the heroes on the ropes. They fought bravely though and felled the foe.

Karn, the initiate priest, took a severe abdominal wound from a vicious rake of the lizards claws. He also managed to have his right arm nearly severed during the course of the fight too.

After returning to the surface, the townsfolk assisted the adventurers with returning all of the lost possessions to their proper owners. This deed earned them two more weeks of militia training in the village and free room and board for that time as well.



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